KStore for React-Native

This project consent to create E-COMMERCE STORE application solution for Android and iOS platform.

With KSTORE, you have choice ready-to-use new model templates to create your mobile application with React Native, this project uses a product list retrieved from a service JSON.

Here’s why you can display information such as :

  • Intro Screen
  • Home Page
  • Login and SignUp
  • Categories
  • List Product
  • Search Product
  • Product Detail
  • WishList
  • Map Store
  • Profile

It is a new design with react native, compatible with iOS and Android.

Email to:[email protected]
Visit our official website:http://www.positifmobile.com
User guide:https://abdelhakimkotti.gitbooks.io/super-store-location-for-react-native-manual/content/

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